At the Shows


  • If you or your family members are sick, we ask that you stay home for everyone’s safety.



  • Please park apart from other farms. Farms may park as a group, and are asked to stay with their group. Trainers, we ask for your help to be sure your group understands the rules.



  • Unfortunately, in the beginning we ask for riders to limit the people attending the show.  Everyone is asked to stay by their trailer(s) and respect social distancing.   Everyone on the grounds will need to sign a release for insurance purposes. (As restrictions on numbers are eased, we will drop this request.  But we need to respect the DCED guidelines to avoid being shut down.)



  • There will be no food stands at the shows. (This may change as restrictions are eased)  Water will be available.



  • We are planning to provide hand sanitizer at several key locations on the grounds, dependent on availability.



  • No rider is required to wear a mask while mounted.  We do ask that people wear masks when standing near the ring, at the secretary stand, etc.  Social distancing should be observed at all times.  We need to be aware of and limit the numbers of people gathered at the ring to meet guidelines.



  • At the start of the season, we will offer a short schooling break before each division open only to riders in that division.  This will help with crowd control.   Shows will also use in and out gates to avoid congestion.



  • We are also eliminating the 2nd over fences class in the Adult Amateur, Children’s, Pony, and Open Hunter divisions.  (please note this may change as more restrictions are eased)  



  • Flat classes may be run in split sections if they are large to reduce numbers in the ring.



  • Ribbons will be picked up at a designated location at the end of the division, once champion and reserve are announced they may be picked up at secretary stand.



  • We will be limiting fence height changes in the early divisions at the start of the season to minimize contact.  As our restrictions change, we will resume regulation fence heights.



  • Due to the reduced number of shows, riders only need to compete in a division two times to be eligible for year-end awards.



Memberships & Entries


  • Memberships can be processed online, with payments through the circuit’s PayPal account.  Alternatively, memberships may be mailed to Lori Swanson, 2246 Newville Road, Carlisle, PA 17015.  We will also accept memberships at the shows.


  • For 2020, we ask for copies of all Coggins tests and vaccination records to be included with memberships.  They will be kept on file with membership forms for the 2020 season.


  • Horse/rider combinations will be assigned a number for the season.  It is the rider’s responsibility to keep track of this number from show to show.  If your number is damaged, please contact Lori Swanson for a replacement.


  • We request that pre-entries be done online so we have an idea of numbers of entries.  Please only include entries for horses that will be attending the show!  We need to have accurate counts to be sure we follow DCED regulations. The closing date for entries will be 10:00 PM the Friday before the show.


  • Payments can be made through PayPal for each show (sent friends & family), or by cash or check at the show.


  • We will accept entries at the show, but pre-entries are preferred. We are relying on pre-entries to plan our day.


  • Counts will be published on Saturday before the show to help everyone with planning.

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