Blue & Gray Circuit Fun Show

Date: October 4, 2020   Time: 9:00 AM   Location: Gettysburg Riding Club


Entry fees: $40 day fee for circuit members (horse does not need to be nominated)

                     $60 day fee for non members


  • Classes are open to all riders on horses or ponies.  Ribbons through 6th place for all classes.

  • Riders will pay a fee for the entire day, and can sign up for as many classes as they desire.  Anyone who wants to enter just one class will pay $15 for that class.

  • Pre-entries are encouraged to help us plan!  Riders may add classes at the show.

  • Classes may be split, combined or cancelled at the decision of show management.

  • If riding a horse not registered with the circuit, please remember to bring Coggins and shot records.  Any non-members will need to sign our release and provide horse paperwork listed.

  • Approved helmets and proper footwear must be worn when mounted.   We will still need to follow social distancing and wearing masks as per our circuit COVID-19 policies posted on the web site.

  • This is a day to have fun and enjoy our horses and friends!   

  • Riding classes will be split w/t and w/t/c.   Riders may not cross enter.  W/t riders may be on a lead or have a side walker if needed.


Costume Class:  Have fun dressing up with your horse!  You may ride or lead your horse for this class.

  1. Costume Class - riders 12 & under 

  2. Costume Class - riders 13-18

  3. Costume Class - adult


Break & Out (Command Class):  Riders will follow the announcer’s commands.  If you don’t respond to the announcer’s commands quickly or break gait, you are out!  Last rider on the rail wins.

  1. Break & Out w/t

  2. Break & Out w/t/c


Ribbon Pairs: Pairs of riders will show on the rail holding a crepe paper ribbon.  If you drop or tear the ribbon, you are out!

      7.   Ribbon Pairs w/t

      8.   Ribbon Pairs w/t/c


Ball & Cone Race:  Riders will pick up a  ball and balance it on a cone before riding to the finish.  If the ball falls, they must get off and replace it,  then lead their horse back.  

      9.   Ball & Cone Race w/t

                  10.   Ball & Cone Race w/t/c


Egg & Spoon:  Balance an egg on a spoon while following the announcer’s directions.  Last one with an egg wins!

                  11.  Egg & Spoon w/t

      12. Egg & Spoon w/t/c 


Stick Horse Classes: Riders, bring your favorite stick horse and show it off!

     13.  Stick Horse Pole Bending

     14. Stick Horse Chase Me Charlie


Obstacle Course: Riders will complete a variety of obstacles with their horse.  This is a timed class. 

      15.  Obstacle Course w/t

      16. Obstacle Course w/t/c


Bribe Your Horse Race:  Contestants are allowed 3 small treats.  The object is to get your loose horse to follow you around a very short course and back to the finish line.  There is a 5 second penalty for every time you touch the horse on course. (Feeding all or part of a treat before crossing the finish counts as touching!)   

        17.  Bribe Your Horse Race 12 & under

        18.  Bribe Your Horse Race 13 & up


Dollar Bareback: Bring your own dollar.  Winner of each section keeps the dollars!

        19.  Dollar Bareback w/t

                    20. Dollar Bareback w/t/c


Tunnel Race: Riders will ride to a tunnel at the end of the ring and dismount.  After ground tying your horse, crawl through the tunnel and remount.  (a mounting block will be provided)

       21. Tunnel Race w/t

       22.  Tunnel Race w/t/c

Fun Show Pre entries will be available here closer to the show date

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